January 02.2023

Tomas Zejda - 15 years in Dartmoor Team - AMAZING JOURNEY

Tomas "Leader" Zejda. This young buck kicked the door of the Eastern Europe MTB Freestyle scene when the NWD series was still rolling in the cinema. He is best known for his super extended tailwhips, great sense of humour, and a no-hesitation-to-party attitude. We loved him from first sight and have been rolling together for 15 years! Now that's unique in the scene of extreme sports, especially ours! Happy to achieve this milestone together!

Zejda did it all. Rampage, 9 Knights, Crankworx - you name it. He did it all with our humble support as a company, which was fortunate enough to bet on a young Czech shredder and win a lifetime friend. You poured legacy into our best-selling Two6Player frame, which has become your signature!

Cheers to another 15 years on bikes! Ride Your Way Tomas. We love you!