Mount Calamorro trails - Jan "Elvis" Kilinski/Roots

The difference between Dartmoor bikes PRO, EVO and INTRO models. Janek Kilński explains

The difference between Dartmoor bike PRO/EVO and INTRO models.

Janek Kilński explains what to choose and what to consider when purchasing.

How to choose a gravity bike? Trail, Enduro or Freeride. Janek Kiliński advises

Janek Kiliński advises using the example of the Dartmoor 2023 bike collection, how to choose a bike for your riding style and what distinguishes individual groups. Do you ride a hardtail or full suspe...

A short review of the Polish Enduro Championships 2023

It wasn't easy... A short review of the Polish Enduro Championships 2023 in the eyes of Dartmoor team rider - Piotrek Krajewski. 

Dartmoor Thunderbird FR x DREAM BUILD MTB

The Amazing custom dream build made by a true craftsman's work of Gee's Milner workshop: starring Thunderbird FR frame with Fox 38 Performance suspension. Glossy Metallic Silver frame with a chameleon...


Can you believe how spectacular this Dartmoor Thunderbird FR is? Absolutely Wow! Take a look at some fantastic photos from the Gee's Milner workshop!

Martiny EMTB, via ferrata, Mala Fatra, Velka Fatra, Dartmoor E-thunderbird, ebike

Local Series of Downhill 2023 Air DH - PKL Bike Parks - góra Żar - Air Line

Extreme Jam 2023 - Downhill Cup - Myślenice Chełm | Final run | POV | RAW