Mountain biking is more like a way of living than a sport that you just do in your free time. It gives you pure emotions while you are close to nature with homies.
Biking also gives you perfect opportunities to travel a lot, to face your limits and to basically improve yourself. It is simply your lifestyle.

Mountain biking is a sport dedicated to those who hate all kinds of limitations. You pick your own trail, your own tricks and you can ride anything that makes you feel happier and more satisfied. It is just like in your life - you choose your goals and then you find a way of achieving them. In life or on a trail – You just Ride Your Way.

From our first steps as a brand we have kept one thing in mind, that the riding is the most important thing in cycling. Bikes bring the best memories from our lives including first bunny hops, backflips, long trips through the mountain trails, winning the contests or just mellow times with the friends on those Sundays’ rides. Thanks to our passion, we can share our experience with everyone who loves riding his or her bike just as much as we do.