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Founded on the belief that the best adventures are built on friendships, we foster a tight-knit community of riders who share a passion for pushing their limits and having fun on and off the bikes. Our mission is not just about conquering trails but crafting unforgettable memories through epic journeys, adrenaline-pumping jumps, and laughter-filled trips. From day one, we believed we could pour our passion for dirt jumping and riding in the mountains into each product!

Despite all the new standards in the ever-changing landscape of the MTB industry, we keep our offer ready to be played with! We were raised on the D.I.Y. jams, local downhill series, and parking lots hotels. Dartmoor Bikes went all over the world while submitting Red Bull athletes, World Champs, and damn good human beings!

So, join us, and let's embark on incredible biking adventures together, where camaraderie and thrilling rides are at the heart of what we do!

And remember - as always #RideYourWay


Piotrek Krajewski reflects on his 15-year journey with Dartmoor-Bikes...   This is how the last 15 years have flown by.” Piotrek Krajewski sums up 15 years of relationship with Dartmoor Bik...

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Epic trails of Julian Alps

Join @DirtItMore and @ENDUROFINA on their e-bike exploration mission through the Julian Alps! Are there any good MTB trails there? Well, there are EPIC ones!

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Check out the new Film by Natalia Budner! She's been on our team since 2016 and has made huge progress! In 2019 she created the Senderki group. It's a girl's bike team in which Natalia teaches how to ...

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Inside Story - Thunderbird Project

Dartmoor Inside Story - Thunderbird Project Mountain biking is all about your limits. The more difficult trails you ride the bigger fun you may have if shred it with a well-designed frame! Thund...

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Peter Pan

Peter Pan is a synonym for the fountain of youth. Our rider @Piotrek Krajewski seems to sip from one daily! Piotrek brought his Thunderbird to Alkornoke Bikepark in Spain to pursue his dream. The d...

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Tomas Zejda - 15 years in Dartmoor Team - AMAZING JOURNEY

Tomas "Leader" Zejda. This young buck kicked the door of the Eastern Europe MTB Freestyle scene when the NWD series was still rolling in the cinema. He is best known for his super extended tailwhips, ...

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Dartmoor - Inside Story

Our aim was to show the people. People who stay behind this brand. Not just team riders but also test riders, trail builders and guys who are a bit in the shadow, but put a lot of efforts to make it a...

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Kadencja - Olaf Odziomek

Anyone who enters the world of sports rivalry deeply enough stays there for years. The spirit of competition, raising human capabilities, and overcoming one's own weaknesses becomes a daily habit.&nbs...

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Captain Enduro

In difficult times, we all need a Superhero. Meet Captain Enduro!
Marcin Motyka and his Thunderbird CF in a funny video with a very serious shredding.

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#RideYourWay - Bikepark Kazoora

BikePark Kazoora is not only a place to ride in the center of big town. It was created by cyclists for cyclists. By people with experience, with the help of complete amateurs. A place where every bi...

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#RideYourWay trip

Great trip through San Remo and Barcelona where Natalia Budner, Magda Szczekutek, Daniel Zawistowski and Jan Kiliński could start the season beautifully. These kind of journeys are very important for ...

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#RideYourWay - Piotrek Krajewski

Piotrek Krajewski has been the rider in the Dartmoor-Bikes team from the very beginning of the brand. Started with the riding the first edition of Two6Player frame, then passing to Quinnie and now end...

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#RideYourWay - 26players - Daniel & Oskar

Welcome to another story of Dartmoor riders whose life is guided by their bikes through the courses of their own backyards. These 2 youngbloods - Daniel Zawistowski and Oskar Macuk are as different an...

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#RideYourWay - Szymon Godziek

We bring you the first episode of the new #RideYourWay video series showing the desire and passion of people who are riding their way through the life together with us. Dartmoor-Bikes is about riding ...

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#RideYourWay - Remek Oleszkiewicz

#rideyourway is a series of stories about our key riders, about people who commited their lifes to mountain biking. In part #2 you have an oportunity to meet Remek - guy who has been shredding with ...

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Ride Your Way 2 / Bling

Second part of our classic Ride Your Way full videos. We spent many days and weeks riding and having fun, but also fighting with bad luck. That was a really intense season for all of us - many trips...

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Ride Your Way

Classic Dartmoor production filmed and edited by Ryszard "RyyS" Syryczyński. Many days of filming, 11 riders, 6 countries, contests, trips and jams with a mix of dirt jump, street, skatepark and freer...

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Enjoy was one of the biggest dirt/street/slopestyle bike movie projects in Poland when it was created. 14 Dartmoor team riders and some friends. The footage was filmed 2009, all year long, featuring a...

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