June 28.2024


The Sender-wagon is here, and it’s calling for shredding! Natalia Budner’s new Dartmoor Bikes Rocbird is one hell of a bling!


With the glimmering look come many well-thought-out parts with one mission - be fast and jump high! Natalia’s riding can’t be tamed under one banner, so she has to have a bike that can rip the loam, float over jumps, and hopefully survive the next rock garden. 


She called it after her girl club “Senderki” - Sender-wagon! This eye candy was shot by Mateusz Szachowski @szachimat in a secret location in Warsaw, but it looks more like a fairyland. 

With a few custom bits, we love how this paint job from @bikeincolor turned out and can’t wait for more action shots!


Ride Your Way🤘, Natalia!