July 01.2024

Kalnica Fest 2024

The Crankworx of Eastern Europe still got it!


As one of our favorite festivals, it is all about core MTB vibes - straight fire bikepark, great racing, insane Slopestyle course, camping, and parties! We can’t tell you much about the last one but let’s sum it up we survived.


Team wise we brought the racing machine - Marcin Motyka who won Masters Downhill and took Silver in Enduro on Dartmoor Rocbird! With E-Thunderbird Marcin also scored silver but in the E-Bike Marathon on the same day as a Downhill race! Beast! 


Freestyle team: Antek Faszczewski and Błażej Zakrzewski kept the Thunderbirds burning as Antek took silver home during the blazing Whip-Off competition and Błażej rocked the DRWITT Dirt Jump Jam and showed us how hard the Slopestyle course on his Shine. The rest of the team took this weekend off due to the risky weather forecast. Well, no one likes to camp during heavy storms but thankfully Mother Nature was chill and showered us from time to time! 


All in all, it was a solid weekend of bike riding with friends from across the region - Slovaks and Czech folks are fantastic homies to ride and party with so expect us in 2025!


Love you Kalnica❤!