Antek Faszczewski


Antek Faszczewski is our youngest Team rider from Warsaw. He’s called by other players as „Polish Jackson Goldstone”. He represents a new fresh way of riding but a great old school style. Antek absolutely loves dirt jumping, regardless from time to time you can also meet him on bike park trails. 

1st in Whip off Kazoora bike fest, Poland

1stin Whip off Joyride in Kluszkowice, Poland
1stin Whip off Kazoora jam, Poland

1st in National Downhill Joy Ride, Harenda, Poland
2nd in National dual slalom Joy Ride, Harenda, Poland
1st in Downhill Heat Games
2nd in Pumptrack Heat Games

1st in National Downhill Champs, Kasina Bike Park, Poland
2nd in Pumptrack National Champs, Kasina Bike Park, Poland