Marcin Motyka


Marcin is very talented and successful Polish Enduro rider. For 20 years in the bicycle riding and he is a legend but also active rider wining Masters category in enduro races not only in Poland but also in European events. He was riding XC, CX, road racing, DH and currently he is focused on Enduro. Among his successes are some Polish Champion titles. During his career he was successfully co-operating with several big bicycle brands in Poland. 

1st in Dunkielska Wyrypa 2020, Enduro MTB Trophy, Men's category
3rd in Małopolska Joy Ride Festival 2020, Bike Park Kluszkowce, Men's category
5th in Slovak Enduro Series 2020, Round 1 Myto pod Dumbierom
4th in Czech Enduro Series, Liberec
5th open in SPDH Slovakia, 
2nd in Czech Enduro Race Zadov, 30-39yo category and 13 open
6th in Enduro Trutnov Czech Rep.
3rd in Kluszkowce JoyRide Enduro, Poland
2nd in Zadov Czech Cup
1st in Rabka Enduro MTB Series, Poland
4th in Przesieka Enduro MTB Series, Poland 
4th in Slovakia Cup 
1st in Mala Moravka Czech Cup
3rd in Srebrna Góra Enduro MTB Series, Poland 
1st in Slovakia CykloStopy uphill
1st in Slovakia Enduro Cup, 6.10
4th in San Remo Super Enduro, Italy 
1st in Zadov, Czech Cup 
1st in Enduro Polish Championships 
1st in Enduro Series 2018 Mieroszów, Poland 
3rd in Enduro Trails Bielsko Biała, Poland
3rd in Enduro Trails Bielsko Biała, Poland 
3rd in Enduro Joy Ride Bike Festival, Poland 
3rd in Czech Cup Jested 
3rd in Kellys Enduro MTB Series Srebrna Góra, Poland 
2nd in Kellys Enduro MTB Series Szklarska Poręba, Poland 
1st in Enduro Polish Championships 
7th in Super Enduro Massa Marina, Italy 
2nd in Enduro Serie Mala Moravka, Czech Rep. 
4th in Enduro Leogang, Austria