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Piotr 'Kraja' Krajewski, a dedicated Dartmoor Team member for over a decade, is about pushing the limits. From the earliest Two6Player and Shine versions, he's tested our frames to cr-mo dirt jumping frames like Quinne and Cody. Now, he's putting our full suspension frames, including the new Shine and "Birds" family, like Rocbirds and Thunderbirds. With his Thunderbird Superenduro bike, he tackles the toughest spots.
Based in Warsaw, Piotr holds a master's degree in management from the Warsaw School of Economics. He co-manages Kazoora Bike Park, aiming to make it one of Poland's top bike parks for all skill levels. Piotr is also a well-respected MTB coach and TikTok sensation.
Beyond bikes, he's passionate about boards—skateboards, wakeskates, surfing, and snowboarding. "Kraja"'s journey embodies adventure, coaching, and an unwavering commitment to the ride and life's joy. Cheers to Piotr, a true Dartmoor Team spirit!

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Piotrek Krajewski reflects on his 15-year journey with Dartmoor-Bikes...   This is how the last 15 years have flown by.” Piotrek Krajewski sums up 15 years of relationship with Dartmoor Bik...
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Peter Pan

Peter Pan is a synonym for the fountain of youth. Our rider @Piotrek Krajewski seems to sip from one daily! Piotrek brought his Thunderbird to Alkornoke Bikepark in Spain to pursue his dream. The d...
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#RideYourWay - Bikepark Kazoora

BikePark Kazoora is not only a place to ride in the center of big town. It was created by cyclists for cyclists. By people with experience, with the help of complete amateurs. A place where every bi...
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Thunderbirds with Piotrek Krajewski and Antek Faszczewski

Mountain biking is all about your limits. The more difficult trails you ride the bigger fun you may have if shred it with a well-designed frame! Before we decided to launch the Thunderbird frame fo...
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Dartmoor Stories #11 - Behind The Scenes Thunderbirds

Dartmoor Stories #11 - Behind The Scenes Thunderbirds In the eleventh episode, you will see behind-the-scenes of making the Thunderbirds Video! Previous episode: Thunderbirds with Piotre...
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Dartmoor Stories #1 - THE CREW

Dartmoor Stories #1 - THE CREW Dartmoor Stories is our new series about Dartmoor Bikes! In the first episode you will get to know the crew of Dartmoor Bikes. Links to the previous videos: FI...
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Trails in Malaga

Our team riders and product designers and developers - Piotr Krajewski, Jan Kiliński and Aleksander Wieczorkiewicz discovered beauty of trails around Malaga in Spain with their Blackbird and Bluebird ...
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#RideYourWay - Piotrek Krajewski

Piotrek Krajewski has been the rider in the Dartmoor-Bikes team from the very beginning of the brand. Started with the riding the first edition of Two6Player frame, then passing to Quinnie and now end...
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La Poma is always fun

Our team riders Natalia Budner and Piotr Krajewski went to Barcelona to ride their Two6Player and Shine bikes at famous La Poma bikepark.

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Bikepark in the heart of the city

Bikepark Kazoora is located in Warsaw, only 20 minutes from the city center. This is how it looks like during warm, spring afternoon. The key people in the local crew who is running this great place a...
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Dartmoor Team in Barcelona

During the Winter in Poland weather conditions make it really difficult to ride trails and unfortunately we do not have any indoor dirtparks, only a few skateparks that have a decent funbox with good ...
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Ride Your Way 2: Piotr Krajewski

Section with Piotr 'Kraja' Krajewski from the Ride Your Way 2 video project.

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Taipei loves Kraja

Warsaw's homeboy Piotr "Kraja" Krajewski moved for a semester to Taipei, Taiwan to "study" hard to become a great economy specialist. Yeah, right. Riding his new Quinnie and wakeboarding with friends ...
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Zejda & Kraja in Czech Republic

Some crazy actions with Tomas Zejda and Piotr Krajewski having fun on the best Czech dirt jumping spots.

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