FURY v.3

FURY v.3


Fury stem is used for all kinds of gravity riding from Dirt Jumping to heavy Freeride. Fury is one of the best do it all stems in our product range! Investing in cold forged technology made it to be not only stronger but also a lot more affordable than before! Fury v.3 is a direct continuation of Fury v.2 stem with totally new graphics printed on the stem. For 2018 this stem comes in a wide range of 5 anodized color options.


Bar bore: 25.4mm, 31.8mm, 35mm
Extension: 35mm (25.4mm), 45mm (31.8mm, 35mm)
Stack height: 36mm
Bolts (25.4mm): M6x18mm (x4); M6x22mm (x2)
Bolts (31.8mm): M6x22mm (x6)
Bolts (35mm): M5x25mm (x4); M6x22mm (x2)
Weight: 154g (25.4mm), 175g (31.8mm), 168g (35mm)


Times when ultra-short stems were only seen in the dirt jumping bikes are gone now when the new Enduro, All Mountain or Downhill frames become longer and longer. Shorty is our new super short...

How to install shorty stem? First, you have to put the bottom part of the stem, than a handlebar, after that top part of the stem. Now you have to tighten the top bolt, handlebar clamp and at the...

FURY v.3

Black anod., Turquoise anod., Green anod., Red anod., Violet anod.