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Jan 'Elvis' Kiliński, an authentic Polish dirt jumping scene pioneer, boasts a rich history in Freestyle MTB contests. Following a knee injury in 2007, he channeled his passion into designing bike frames and parts for Dartmoor, creating bike courses, and promoting Mountain Biking in Poland. His collaboration with Dartmoor-Bikes spans over a decade and thrives! 
Immersed in the biking community, Elvis possesses unmatched insights into gravity biking and emerging trends. With practical experience from riding alongside Dartmoor Team pros and coaching amateur riders, he's the ideal leader for our R&D Department, crafting dependable and innovative bike frames and parts. As a founder of the Dirt it More group, he focuses on growing the scene while maintaining the OG status.
But don't get it twisted – even though he's a bike design whiz, Elvis never forgets that these machines are just tools for having a blast on the trails. Janek loves his Thunderbird CF and E-Thunderbird while pushing the Rocbird development further! His true passion lies in the thrill of discovery, tackling his fears, pushing his limits, and getting down and dirty with some rad riding.

No results are needed to prove his passion.


Epic trails of Julian Alps

Join @DirtItMore and @ENDUROFINA on their e-bike exploration mission through the Julian Alps! Are there any good MTB trails there? Well, there are EPIC ones!

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Inside Story - Thunderbird Project

Dartmoor Inside Story - Thunderbird Project Mountain biking is all about your limits. The more difficult trails you ride the bigger fun you may have if shred it with a well-designed frame! Thund...
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How to choose a gravity bike? Trail, Enduro or Freeride. Janek Kiliński advises

Janek Kiliński advises using the example of the Dartmoor 2023 bike collection, how to choose a bike for your riding style and what distinguishes individual groups. Do you ride a hardtail or full suspe...
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The difference between Dartmoor bikes PRO, EVO and INTRO models. Janek Kilński explains

The difference between Dartmoor bike PRO/EVO and INTRO models.

Janek Kilński explains what to choose and what to consider when purchasing.

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Blackbird - One day in El Chorro

When the snow covers most of Europe and bikers are counting down the days to spring, there is a place where you can ride your bike also in the winter. This is the south coast of Spain, full of breatht...
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Trails in Malaga

Our team riders and product designers and developers - Piotr Krajewski, Jan Kiliński and Aleksander Wieczorkiewicz discovered beauty of trails around Malaga in Spain with their Blackbird and Bluebird ...
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Janek and Olek looking for a spring

Jan Kiliński and Aleksander Wieczorkiewicz found this small paradise during their winter trip in Spain

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Dartmoor - Inside Story

Our aim was to show the people. People who stay behind this brand. Not just team riders but also test riders, trail builders and guys who are a bit in the shadow, but put a lot of efforts to make it a...
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Wish in Dolomites

Mountain biking is a great adventure from its very beginning and none of the Dartmoor bikes so far offered so much possibilities in exploring the wild nature as we want to give you now with a Wish fra...
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Mount Calamorro trails - Jan "Elvis" Kilinski/Roots

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Roots bikes in Bachledova Dolina

Check out this GoPro shot from Bikepark BACHLEDKA Ski & Sun. Riders: Jan "Elvis" Kiliński and Piotr "Kraja" Krajewski with their Roots bikes.

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Primal Plus in action

Bad weather conditions? Maybe you should try our Primal 27.5+. Shredding rough lines with your hardtail will be even more comfortable now.

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Behind the Story – trip to Taiwan and a day with Szymon Godziek

Making of 'Dartmoor: Inside Story' in Taiwan and at Szymon Godziek's spot in the woods.

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Jan 'Elvis' Kiliński with his Two6Player

Jan 'Elvis" Kiliński testing prototype of one of his very first technical project - Two6Player.

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Enjoy - Elvis

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