Cool edit full of bangers with DartBMX star Dawid 'Szamanek' Godziek riding his Nami.
Dawid Godziek at a little session in Czech Republic and at Austria King Of Dirt contest in Linz, Austria.
Second part of our classic Ride Your Way full videos. We spent many days and weeks riding and having fun, but also fighting with bad luck. That was a really intense season for all of us - many...
Section with Szymon 'Szaman' Godziek from the Ride Your Way 2 video project.
Section with Piotr 'Kraja' Krajewski from the Ride Your Way 2 video project.
Section with Dawid 'Szamanek' Godziek from the Ride Your Way 2 video project.
Section with Remek Oleszkiewicz from the Ride Your Way 2 video project.
Section with Sebastian Weszler and Piotr Przywecki from the Ride Your Way 2 video project.
Tomas "Leader" Zejda and Szymon "Szaman" Godziek at the end of May visited 26TRIX in Austria - the gold event of FMBA World Tour. The dirt jump course in Saalfelden Leogang is known as one of the...
Marcel Hunt, Ryan Nangle and their friends from UK showing their best dirt jumping skills.
Laszlo Gal from Hungary with awesome street riding skills.
Szymon "Szaman" Godziek shows that freeriding in Poland is not dead . His dumped 360's are becoming worldwide known as he does them on every bike or spot. He have spent some good time with Hardtails...
Szymon Godziek, Tomas Zejda, Marcel Hunt, Ramon Hunziker show what they do best at Vienna Air KIng. Finals were set on Prima Aprillis day but the crew took things serious so: Szymon got great 4th...
One of the best edits from Alexey Sinayko riding his Cody in Moscow.
Power Hour presented by Dawid Godziek with his DartBMX Nami.
Szymon Godziek took his green Shine and went to Jaws' forest spot near Cracow. Kuba Konwent accompanied him with his camera. Great forest scenery, big jumps, tailwhips, oldschools, barspins,...
Classic Dartmoor production filmed and edited by Ryszard "RyyS" Syryczyński. Many days of filming, 11 riders, 6 countries, contests, trips and jams with a mix of dirt jump, street, skatepark and...
Nice photo session from Kuba Konwent with Dawid Godziek, Sebastian Weszler and Piotr Przywecki. They went to visit famous Mellow Park and some of the great Berlin street spots you will be able to see...
Amazing photo session with Szymon Godziek shredding on Barcelona streets and in La Poma bikepark during his training trip to Spain. Beautiful spots and Szymon's crazy tricks captured by Kuba Konwent...
Łukasz Suski is showing his pure freeride soul with his Ride to Blood. Definetely worth to watch!