Last week we were presenting our latest products at Eurobike Show in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Our brand new complete bikes were gathering lots of attention and real life 'likes' at Sports Nut...
Making of 'Dartmoor: Inside Story' in Taiwan and at Szymon Godziek's spot in the woods.
Tomas Zejda flying high with his Two6Player in Queenstown, New Zealand. During the cold winter in Europe this place is the heaven on earth for riders like "Leader"
Backstage photogallery by Kuba Konwent from Dartmoor & Dirt it More preparations before the train gap which could be seen in our newest video "Dartmoor - behind story". Due to heavy rains the...
Our aim was to show the people. People who stay behind this brand. Not just team riders but also test riders, trail builders and guys who are a bit in the shadow, but put a lot of efforts to make it...
One day edit by LS Maxx starring our street star Alexey Sinayko!
Dirty Odyssey from Tomas Zejda - March 2013
Dirty Odyssey from Tomas Zejda - April 2013
Mr. Godziek took his friends and bikes on the road to Switzerland through Germany and Austria. Starting a trip with not fortunate runs at Vienna Air King he give himself a break at sweet snowpark of...
Our long time rider Remek Oleszkiewicz having fun in the first warm days when riding with his Wish.
Warsaw's homeboy Piotr "Kraja" Krajewski moved for a semester to Taipei, Taiwan to "study" hard to become a great economy specialist. Yeah, right. Riding his new Quinnie and wakeboarding with friends...
Good Autumn photosession by Piotr Staron -! The older of brothers show off his red devil rig and put some muscles into polish soil! As 'No dig, no ride" rule obeys everywhere Szymon...
Words by Ray George "My Dartmoor teammate and friend came down to Santa Cruz for 12 days, we had a blast riding our bikes and enjoying the weather. Here's an edit I made of what went down!"
There is a time in riders life when he recalls what, in our case mountainbiking is. We ride dirt jumps, street lines or just casually pedal our XC bikes through the woods or bike lanes in order to...
Ray George testing his sunny yellow Two6Player on the trails in the woods over Santa Cruz.
Some crazy actions with Tomas Zejda and Piotr Krajewski having fun on the best Czech dirt jumping spots.
Dirty Odyssey from Tomas Zejda - February 2013.
Scotty is one of Dartmoor's pioneers on Canadian soil with his talent to shred our bikes! Here comes a short flick of his Shine & Wish experience.
Dartmoor team rider from Russia - Alexander Belevskiy showing again how much progressive and creative rider he is. Here is his new edit with actions taken with his Cody during the last 9 months.
Due to heavy rain MTBMX 2012 was postponed to 9th of October and greeted us with beautiful, sunny weather at one of Poland's difficult tracks! Good for us Szaman and Kraja took 1st and 2nd place also...