Polish Dartmoor Enduro Team riders - Jakub Gąsienica and Marcin Karpęcki testing this time our new bikes - Primal Pro 27.5 and Primal Evo 27.5, perfect hardtails for trail and enduro.
When the snow covers most of Europe and bikers are counting down the days to spring, there is a place where you can ride your bike also in the winter. This is the south coast of Spain, full of...
As you probably remember David Godziek​ was our team rider for several years. He trained with his elder brother at their well known family backyard in Suszec. After few years on 24 wheels he decided...
Our team riders and product designers and developers - Piotr Krajewski, Jan Kiliński and Aleksander Wieczorkiewicz discovered beauty of trails around Malaga in Spain with their Blackbird and Bluebird...
Our long time rider and MTB trainer Piotr Krajewski with his new Bluebird Pro 29
Tomas Zejda went with his Blacbird to a famous Southern France location - The Black Hills
Natalia Budner and Magda Szczekutek ride fast their sea lemon Blackbirds
Polish Dartmoor Enduro Team riders - Jakub Gąsienica and Marcin Karpęcki shredding through the snowy trails in Tatry mountains.
Jan Kiliński and Aleksander Wieczorkiewicz found this small paradise during their winter trip in Spain
Two stunning Blackbird bikes bikechecks - red devil and sea lemon
Simply #BehindTheBars
Our team riders Natalia Budner and Piotr Krajewski went to Barcelona to ride their Two6Player and Shine bikes at famous La Poma bikepark.
Bluebird frames use the same simple but very e ective suspension system as the Blackbird but delivers 130mm travel optimised for longer days on the trails. The rear axle spacing is 148x12mm Boost...
Hornet is definitely the most aggressive hardtail amongst the Dartmoor Bikes. It is one of the world’s most popular hardtail frames for downhill and freeride. The spec of Hornet Pro includes a...
Based on our own and our riders’ experience we placed a sti single-pivot construction at the bike’s heart. This simple solution makes it possible to create a modern bike that fulfills the demands of...
The new Primal 29 is an ideal solution for those who like long distance mountain rides. The stable and comfortable 29” wheels will be a great choice for day trips in the Alps. The geometry of the...
The new Primal 27.5 is a construction dedicated for a more aggressive ride. If equipped with downhill tires the frame will provide a comfortable ride in a variety of different terrains, including...
Szymon shredding Whistler trails with Blackbird
Have a look at our 2018 product line we showed for the first time during the world's biggest bike show in Germany.
Our 2017 technical and cotton soft goods collection gathered in one photo gallery. For more details check Clothing in our Products menu.