SHIELD 26 front

SHIELD 26 front


Super strong 26” wheels based on our high end Shield rims and high end Reel Pro hubs. Perfect for Dirt Jumping, Slopestyle and Skatepark riding! Available in 100x15mm/110x20mm size.
Front wheel is equipped with Reel Pro hub with 2 sealed bearings filled with waterproof synthetic Mobil grease, Ride Your Way nylon rim tape and taper grip brass nipples.
Taper grip nipples are designed to achieve maximum grip without the need for thread lock. The upper part of the nipple thread is tapered inward to lock the spoke in place during the wheel building and to help the spoke to stay tight also after use.


Size: 26”
Hub spacing: 100x15mm/110x20mm (2 pairs of exchangeable side caps included)
Holes: 32
Weight: 1020g


Meet our new singlespeed hubs for 2017 season equipped with high quality sealed bearings with custom selected Mobil waterproof grease and custom designed full contact seals.

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