NAMI v.2

NAMI v.2


Second generation of Dawid Godziek’s signature frame made of 100% Cr-Mo 4130 multi butted tubes with short, CNC machined dropouts, removable pivots, cable hanger and gyro tabs.


Material: Sanko Cr-Mo 4130, butted TT, DT and ST.
Heat-treatment: dropouts, CS, SS, BB and HT.
TT length: 21”.
CS length: 13.5”.
HT angle: 75°.
ST angle: 71°.
BB height: 11.5”.
ST height: 8.5”.
Headset type: integrated (45/45 Campy spec.).
Gusset: DT integrated.
BB: Spanish 68mm.
Seat clamp: integrated (Strawberry).
Dropouts: 5mm thick, 14mm size.
Weight: 2.14kg (21”).


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