Szymon Godziek


Szymon Godziek became one of the most recognizable riders in the world since he took the 5th place in the overall 2014 FMB Diamond Series ranking. One of the biggest highlights in his so far career was his Red Bull Rampage debut at the 11th place with a superb run including backflip over a canyon gap. Szymon also won several best trick trophies for his motocross style tsunami and cliffhanger backflip combos at the World Tour biggest events.

Hometown backyard is Szymon’s playground where most of those sick tricks were developed. Riding hard with his younger brother - Dawid Godziek, who is one of the best BMX dirt jumpers in the world gives both of them more motivation to push the whole sport forward.

For the past several seasons Szymon Godziek was using Dartmoor Cody in an outstanding Petrol finish as his hardtail trick machine. For 2016 Szymon decided to try our another dirt jumping star - famous Two6Player.

For the biggest slopestyle events Szymon will be using his miami-vice Shine bike and for the tough shredding in the mountains he will stay with his ultimate freeride monster - Roots Red Devil. We are happy to see Godziek’s unique style again at the best spots in the world like Whistler, LaPoma or Utah riding his Dartmoor Bikes

in Crankworx Rotorua, New Zealand
1st in White Style, Austria

7th in Swatch Prime Line, Germany
12th in 26TRIX, Austria
18th in Crankworx Les2Alpes, France
3rd in FISE World Montpellier, France
4th in Bike Days, Switzerland
6th in Swatch Rocket Air, Switzerland
13th in Vienna Air King, Austria
1st in White Style, Austria

5th in overall FMB World Tour Diamond Rank
11th in Red Bull Rampage, USA
4th in Martin Soderstroem Invitational, Sweden
5th and Best Trick in Red Bull District Ride, Germany
9th in Bearclaw Invitational, Canada
11th in Crankworx Whistler, Canada
5th in Crankworx Les2Alpes, France
7th in FISE World Montpellier, France
6th in 26TRIX, Austria
2nd  and Best Trick in Vienna Air King, Austria

FMBA Rider Of The Year
Ruler of the week Nine Knights, Italy
1st in Eurobike Dirt Contest, Germany
2nd in Adrenaline City Cup, Sweden
in 26TRIX, Germany
1st in Adidas Ride the Sky, Poland
5th in Red Bull Berg Line, Germany
4th in Fise Slopestyle Montpellier, France
6th in Swatch Rocket Air, Switzerland

3rd and Best Trick in Fade Away Session, Germany
18th in Red Bull Berg Line, Germany
7th in Claymore Challenge, USA
12th in Crankworx Les2Alpes, France
14th in Colorado Freeride Festival, USA
7th in 26TRIX, Germany
4th in Vienna Air King, Austria

1st in Go Big Or Go Home, Germany
8th in iXS DirtMasters, Germany
1st in Super Session, Poland
1st in Bike Hall Contest, Czech Republic
2nd in Rocket Air, Switzerland
8th in Vienna Air King, Austria
6th in White Style, Austria

7th in Big in Bavaria, Germany
3rd in Austria King of Dirt, Austria
3rd in Monster Dirt Contest, Hungary
5th in iXS Dirtmasters, Germany
1st in Polish Dirt Jump Championships
1st in Bike Hall Contest, Czech Republic
9th in Vienna Air King, Austria