Piotr Krajewski


Piotrek is one of the first Dartmoor Team riders with over 8 years of collaboartion. He rides since 2004 and his experience of 11th seasons in dirt jumping puts him in the forefront of the Polish dirt jumping scene. He has successfully tested many of our frames, starting from the very first versions of Two6Player and Shine frames to the cr-mo frames such as Quinne and Cody. Now he prefers to shred his suspension bikes as Shine and Roots at the “Real Man" size jumps.

Piotr is a crazy dude from Warsaw with the diploma of master studies in management from Warsaw School of Economics. Together with group of friends he is taking care of the Kazoora Bike Park – his home spot, where he is heading the crew which wants to create one of the best bikeparks in Poland for beginners and pro riders.

Apart from the bikes he loves to ride all kinds of boards such as skateboard, wakeskate, surfing and snowboard. Something also worth mentioning is that he is hell of a freak and serious parties are Kraja’s thing. Healthy lifestyle is his new passion, and being well prepared to ride is one of the main goals for him.

Since 2015 he is no longer competition orientated rider, as he says he leaves it to the young guns, who luckily show up at the Polish dirt scene. For 2016 he plans to trip a lot and shred bikes as much as possible. In the season he will be riding Cody, Shine and Roots bikes and testingfor us prototypes of new full suspension frames. Being a coach at MTB Academy is his way of realising this plan which combines job and passion what is the best option for living!

5th in Winter Sports Festival, Poland

3rd in Polish Dirt Jump Championships
1st in Gangsters of Freeride Jam Poland
4th in Wombat Dirt Jumping Cup Warsaw, Poland

1st in Polish Dirt Jump Championships
1st in Cherry Hill Extreme Rybnik, Poland
3rd in FFT Slopestyle, Czech Republic
Best Style in Kazoora Gravity Fest, Poland

2nd in Kross Jam vol.3, Poland
7th in Slopefest, Sweden
4th in Kazoora Gravity Fest, Poland

2nd in Polish Dirt Jump Championships
Best Trick in Polish Dirt Jump Championships
6th in Dirt on Fire, Romania
3rd in OSG Festival, Hungary
2nd in 22Trix Bestwina, Poland

5th in Balaton Bike Fest, Hungary
3rd in Dirt Session, Poland
3rd in Dirt Town Wałbrzych, Poland
5th in Sony Vaio Masters, Poland