Alexander Belevskiy back in 2011 with his extraordinary style.
Power Hour presented by Dawid Godziek with his DartBMX Nami.
Szymon and Dawid Godziek on their first trip to Woodward.
Szymon Godziek takes part in Masters of Dirt 2012 Show.
Classic Dartmoor production filmed and edited by Ryszard "RyyS" Syryczyński. Many days of filming, 11 riders, 6 countries, contests, trips and jams with a mix of dirt jump, street, skatepark and...
Szymon Godziek took his green Shine and went to Jaws' forest spot near Cracow. Kuba Konwent accompanied him with his camera. Great forest scenery, big jumps, tailwhips, oldschools, barspins,...
Amazing photo session with Szymon Godziek shredding on Barcelona streets and in La Poma bikepark during his training trip to Spain. Beautiful spots and Szymon's crazy tricks captured by Kuba Konwent...
Nice photo session from Kuba Konwent with Dawid Godziek, Sebastian Weszler and Piotr Przywecki. They went to visit famous Mellow Park and some of the great Berlin street spots you will be able to see...
Łukasz Suski is showing his pure freeride soul with his Ride to Blood. Definetely worth to watch!
Pure definition of stylish DJ riding showed in this video by our Canadian rider Scott Alleyn.
Several Polish National Downhill Champion, Michał Śliwa, shows how to shred with Wish bike.
Gusts Ošmucnieks wants to get out of the dirty city. So he takes his Dartmoor Shine and rides around Rīga and in the Babite forest.
Enjoy was one of the biggest dirt/street/slopestyle bike movie projects in Poland when it was created. 14 Dartmoor team riders and some friends. The footage was filmed 2009, all year long, featuring...
Burn Dirtpark in Warsaw was for many years the only indoor dirt park in Poland. This popular place in winter was visited many times by Dartmoor Team riders.
Some highlights of Dawid "Szamanek" Godziek from three big international contest - Balaton BikeFest, Baltic Games and BMX Masters.
Remek Oleszkiewicz has one more great season. He was the best Polish rider in 4X Festina Night Race, he is in the top of the Polish 4X Cup and 4X Open series and recently he won Downstairs contest in...
Dawid Godziek and Piotr Krajewski at Balaton Bike Fest Monster Dirt Contest in Hungary.
Szymon Godziek showed all his best during Bike Expo Show in Munich when he won Go Big Or Go Home contest. Szymon's 1st final run: 360 drop, backflip barspin, double tailwhip, 360 nohander. 2nd run:...
Dartmoor was proud to support one of the biggest BMX contests in Central Europe - Baltic Games in Gdańsk. We could see there many world class riders. Among them also three ours: Dawid Godziek,...
Great photos with Dawid Godziek at the BMX Masters in Cologne taken by Kuba Konwent. Awesome under the bridge dirt jump scenery and classic black-white photos from the skatepark. As you already know...