Aircraft is a rim almost as wide as an aircraft carrier lane. We can’t use the other one while mounting 3.0 tires dedicated for 27.5+ or 29+ wheels. It will fit all the other parts prepared for this new industry standard. Aircraft is not afraid of mountain trails and pathless tracks leading you to known as well as unknown places.


Sizes: 27.5”+
Holes: 32H
Joint: pinned
Outer width: 50mm
Inner width: 45mm
Height: 17mm
ERD: 565mm (27.5”+)
OSB: 0mm
Weight: 698g (27.5”+)


We have a wide range of finishes for our rims. Basic pre-anodized shiny finish with classic stickers for entry level models, hi-end looking sand blasted anodized finish done after bending with...

Final and full edition of Dartmoor 2017 catalog - including all products descriptions and photos, specs, geometry tables, size fitting charts and team riders info.


black anod.