UPPER headset parts

UPPER headset parts


Apart of the complete headsets fitting all Dartmoor frames and many other popular head tube standards on the market we are offering now also several types of only upper headset parts and only bottom headset parts separately. This way it makes possible to collect desired headset for even more existing head tube standards on the market. Cups and top cover made of 2014 aluminum. High quality precision sealed 45/45 bearings with anti-rust titanium coating and special high density grease protecting against water penetration.

Each set of upper parts includes Ride Your Way top cap with star nut.


Available versions/Weight:
IS42/28.6 - 36g
ZS44/28.6 - 47g
ZS49/28.6 - 79g
EC34/28.6 - 48g
EC49/38.1 - 95g


Did you know that we have a very large range of headsets? We cover around 90% of the standards used in gravity cycling. Our headsets are very popular thanks to quality and long life at a...

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