Top quality headset with integrated top and bottom parts. IS42/IS52 S.H.I.S. type. Ultra low profile top cover made of 2014 aluminium. High quality precision sealed 45/45 bearings with anti-rust titanium coating and special high density grease protecting against water penetration. They come with two steel crown races, one for tapered and second for 1-1/8” forks.

Dartmoor frames compatibility
: Blackbird, Blackbird Junior, Bluebird, Roots, Wish 2015-2018, Hornet 2017-2018, Hornet 2014-2016, Hornet 4X, Hornet Junior, all versions of Primal frames, Two6Player 2017-2018, Gamer26, Gamer24.


Type: IS42/IS52
Stack height
: 5.4mm/0mm
: 72g (with one crown race included and without top cap/bolt/star nut)


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