Keipo is our 3-pcs cranks made of heat-treated Cr-Mo 4130 steel. They are RHD/LHD compatible and have two sprocket holes to fit all sprocket sizes. Set includes arms, spindle, Cr-Mo spindle bolts, 2 sprocket bolts (bigger one is hollow) and pinch bolts. Alu spindle bolts available as separate spare parts.separate spare parts.


Arms length: 175mm
Spindle: 19mm hollow
Spindle length: 138mm
Splines: 16
Spindle bolts: M12x1mm (6mm Allen key)
Pinch bolts: M6x1mm
Weight: 835g


Final and full edition of Dartmoor 2017 catalog - including all products descriptions and photos, specs, geometry tables, size fitting charts and team riders info.